Recycled Watches

Wine Watch

Luxury wooden watch
Recycled oak
from wine barrels

Wine Watch - not just another watch..

Every watch model is special in it´s own way.
But the Wine Watch is not only special; it is eco-friendly, unique and made of wood.

But not out of ordinary wood. It is made of french oak recycled from Valpolicella wine barrels

- good for you and good for the environment

The Wine Watch is a both modern and classic wristwatch that exalts the sturdy frame of the barrels where the wine is stored.
Durmast oak wood is used, recovered from the same staves that contributed to give the renowned Amarone wine from Valpolicella it’s unique flavour.

The equilibrium of the staves of the barrels is recalled in the dial, while a metal structure encircles the watch case. The warm colours created by the aging of the wood, is just the right compromise between the pleasant Italian climate and the minimalistic Nordic style.

  • Eco-friendly wooden watch
  • Recycled French oak from wine barrels
  • Swiss quality movement
  • Limited numbered edition
  • Nickel free stainless steel back
  • Danish design
  • 100% handmade in Italy by AB AETERNO

The upcycling of wine barrels to unique designed time pieces

The Wine Watch made of Valpolicella wine barrels

Wine Watch Silver 42 mm


Wine Watch Black 42 mm


Personalize your Wine Watch


"We fashion natural materials by creating sustainable watches of high environmentally innovative value, recreating an experience that is symbolic of a new type of lifestyle, one that encloses the tale of time through nature´s elements.

We aspire to perfection, uniting quality with Italian tradition and innovative design.
All of which is done from the perspective of a circular economy, where natural materials are regenerated, aspiring towards a sustainble and eco-friendly planet"


"Now a days many men mainly wear the watch as a jewelry and its ability to send signals to their surroundings about who they are and what they value in life.

Therefore the idea to make an upcycled watch as the Wine Watch was born.
And thinking about an oak tree "born and raised" in France, later made into a Valpolicella wine barrel - that it may end up on my wrist where I look at it many times everyday to check the time.

Nice for me and good for environment."